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Scoreboard Watching: The End is Nigh


Busted Twigg laments:

It's beyond a miracle now. I'm going to have to spend some time this summer demonstrating the fallacy of SOG. A team has to have some, but just any old shot will not do. Projections from a busy night on the bubble. It looks like everyone in the Pacific wants to face St. Louis in the first round, or maybe no one. 3 teams are projecting to 95 points, and it will be Dallas with their superior ROW holding that 3rd spot, with San Jose and LA duking it out for 7th and 8th. The playoff line bounces up 2 to 95.

3. Dallas (95, 35 ROW)
4. Nashville (102)
5. Detroit (101)
6. Chicago (100)
7. Los Angeles (95, 32 ROW)
8. San Jose (95, 31 ROW)
9. Phoenix (93)
10. Colorado (90)
11. Calgary (89)


Good night sweet prince.