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Forget Guys Night Out, Hockey in Heels is for the ladies


Hey girls,

The second annual Avalanche Hockey in Heels night is upon us. For as low as $30, you will get a ticket to the March 24 game vs. the Vancouver Canucks, a pre-game reception that includes wine tasting at the Ridgeline and a private meet and greet with one of the players, and a ticket to a wine party by Blackstone Winery and Park Meadows Retail Resort on Tuesday, March 27th. That night will include prizes, beverages and appies, and another chance to meet with a player.

This is a fantastic opportunity to show the organization that women love hockey, too. Let's spread the word and get the ladies to the Can. It's a fantastic deal; the ticket alone is worth the price. Add in the wine, the second party and the hot hockey players, I say this is a no-brainer! Who's with me? (I would love to get a group of MHHers together for this, so if you're interested, email me!)

For more information, see the flyer or go to the Avs' website.