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Scoreboard Watching: Any Plans This Summer?


The Fat Lady in the burgundy dress with blue piping has finished her scales and has sheet music in hand, but she's not singing yet.

San Jose and Phoenix faced off in a bubble battle-royal. When the smoke cleared it was the Coyotes who were still standing. Chicago had a good evening as well, and pulls into a projected tie with Detroit for the 5th spot, falling to 6th on ROW. No other bubble-ish games in the West. The playoff line holds at 95.

3. Dallas (95, 35 ROW)
4. Nashville (102)
5. Detroit (101, 39 ROW)
6. Chicago (101, 37 ROW)
7. Los Angeles (95, 32 ROW)
8. Phoenix (94)
9. San Jose (92)
10. Colorado (90)
11. Calgary (98)


Thanks Busted Twigg!