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Chicks and their Polls: Who sits when Big Sexy comes back?

The Colorado Avalanche just announced that Ryan O`Byrne will be back in the line up for the upcoming game against the Nashville Predators on Thursday. With his return, there will be changes to the defense. Matt Hunwick has shown a resurgence in his play lately, even being the best defenseman on the ice at times. Stefan Elliott has found his inner-sniper again but still struggles with the physicality of the game, shying away from even the most minor of hits. Erik Johnson is what EJ is: inconsistent. Sometimes he's a wonder to behold while others he's just bad. Ryan Wilson could also be easily accused of that as you never know if you're going to get a Mack Truck or El Camino. Jan Hejda continues to go quietly about his business, at times being bad ass and at others inspiring facepalms. When Shane O'Brien doesn't do his very bad Bobby Orr impressions, he's a beast. No one on the defense, apart from the guy returning, has shown the ability to bring his game night in and night out. So who does Sacco sit?