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Avalanche Coach Joe Sacco Given 2-Year Contract Extension

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According to Denver Post, Avalanche Coach Joe Sacco has been given a two-year contract extension. It's still early on this story and not a lot of details are available. Myself or one of the other exquisite writers here at MHH will update this story as more info comes out.

Here's a couple of quotes from General Manager Greg Sherman via the press release:

"Joe has earned the opportunity to lead this young team."

"Our club made significant strides this season and we look forward to continuing that next season."

Love him or hate him, it appears that Joe Sacco will be behind the Avalanche bench (and designing horrendous drills if you believe the comments at the DP) for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: Sacco Super-Fan Adrian Dater weighs in on his blog.