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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! April 17, 2012


Game of the Night: #3 Phoenix Coyotes at #6 Chicago Blackhawks, Game 3, 9:00 Eastern, CNBC and TSN

This series has forced my hand. Chicago and Phoenix split the first two in Glendale, in unexpectedly dramatic fashion. The Coyotes went into the final minute of each game up a goal, or as Coach Q has come to think of it, "right where we want 'em." The Hawks would go on to score in 17 seconds left in Game 1 to force overtime, where Phoenix would eventually net the game winner. Since that resulted in a loss they decided "why not wait a bit" in Game 2, and it paid off: a goal with 5.5 seconds left forced more overtime, which would eventually be decided in Chicago's favor.

I'll definitely be watching this one to see if it goes into last-minute overtime again. Also Second City Hockey kinda has started to think of me, Professor Oak, and andidee as good luck. That GDT was like a Blackhawks MHH that moves faster. Seriously.

The Series That Isn't A Game Behind Anymore: #3 Florida Panthers at #6 New Jersey Devils, Game 3, 7:00 Eastern, NHL Network and TSN

No lie, I've paid negative attention to this one. The games in Florida were split 1-1, with the Devils taking Game 1 and the Panthers striking back for Game 2. The series goes to Newark tonight and stuff. Judging by the stats on, New Jersey's special teams might be a bit of a story as it has been abysmal: 12.5% on the power play and 57.1% on the penalty kill.

F the redwings: #4 Nashville Predators at #5 detroit red wings Presented By Amway, Game 4, 7:30 Eastern, NBC Sports and CBC

Nashville went into the Joe this weekend for a matinee, or A Game Just Before Bed Time if you're the age of the red wings, and came away winners. Sergei Kostitsyn would be credited with the game winner of a game I barely caught the end of because it friggin started at noon Eastern who does that in the playoffs come on NBC! Some of the animosity generated by Shea Weber's WWE audition seems to have calmed down, and the Preds lead the series 2-1. A Nashville win puts a chokehold on the series; a detroit win gives us a best-of-three to move on to the next round.

Post some of the fantastic Ryan Kesler diving .gifs I've seen in the comments during slow moments eh? Bonus points if you can find the ones where he trips Dion Phaneuf or follows a flying cow.