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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! 420

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There are only two games tonight, folks, and they start within a half hour of each other. TiVo ENGAGED!

The Game of the Night: #5 detroit red wings at #4 Nashville Predators, Game 5, 8:00 PM Eastern, CNBC and CBC. Preds lead series, 3 games to 1.

The wings are hoping to extend their playoff lives once again as they face another game of elimination to the Nashville Predators. If Nashville is able to close out the deal, it will be the first time detroit has not made it past the first round since 2006 (the Oilers took the series in 6 games). The wheel's biggest problem is Nashville goaltender Pekka Rinne, who has stopped 116 of the 121 shots he's faced in the series. According to the announcers in the past two games, Kyle Quincey should have a statue raised in his honor. Hurts to admit—because I've found that disliking him is super super easy—but he actually has been playing some good hockey. Of course, then he makes a stupid ass mistake. At least we know he hasn't changed. Fun fact: last season, that red team had to come back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the San Jose Sharks. May history NOT repeat itself.

Players to watch

Nashville: Gabriel Bourque. He leads all rookies in the playoffs with three goals.

4 GP 4
1 W 3
3 L 1
0 OT 0
0 P 0
0.250 P% 0.750
2.00 G/G 2.75
2.75 GA/G 2.00
19.0 PP% 10.5
89.5 PK% 81.0
34.5 S/G 22.8
22.8 SA/G 34.5
51.8 FO% 48.2

The Other Game of the Night: #5 Philadelphia Flyers at #4 Pittsburgh Penguins, Game 5, 7:30 Eastern, NBC Sports Network and TSN . Flyers lead series, 3 games to 1.

Word on the street is that the Flyers and Pens have decided to play hockey tonight instead of football like they did last game. I've also heard that both teams are going to ice some defensemen and goaltenders, though that rumor has not been confirmed. As of this writing, the starting goalie for the Flyers has not been announced. Honestly, after the last game, Laviolette should just flip a coin. BTW, Ilya Bryzgalov is rocking a 4.95 GAA and .844 save percentage. Apparently, the Penguins are employing bears as forwards now. They also have to be riding a huge high as they head back to their own barn. It was a moral and statistical victory for the team in Game 4. The problem is that the Flyers won't roll over so easily. Plus, don't think that Marc-Andre Fleury is kicking goal in butt, either: 5.43 GAA and .817 save percentage. Fun fact: During the NHL season, there were an average of 5.3 goals scored per game combined between the two opposing teams. This series is averaging 11.25 goals per game combined. Oh my.

Players to watch

Flyers: Claude Giroux. He leads the series with 10 points.

Penguins: Sydney Crosby. He has 8 points and might let it be known that he's not BFFs with the guys in Philly.