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Chicks and their Polls: the Wild Wild West

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The Western Conference playoff teams have all navigated the first round. There were a few upsets, to say the least. Prez Trophy winning Vancouver Canucks fell 4 games to 1 to the eighth-seeded Los Angeles Kings. The Phoenix Desert Dogs took down the Blackhawks (and if you don't consider that an upset, well, you weren't watching the Pac Div all that closely). Although the St. Louis Blues were seeded higher than the San Jose Sharks, the mighty fell hard when the Sharks lost all but one game of that series. And, of course, there was the glorious trouncing of the Detroit Red Wings by MHH's newly adopted Nashville Predators.

This leaves the second round brackets thus:

St. Louis Blues vs. Los Angeles Kings

Phoenix Coyotes vs. Nashville Predators

You can only vote once in the poll, so you're going to have to leave some comments, too. For the poll, vote for the team that will win their series most decidedly. In the comments, predict the team that will take the other series. GOGOGO!