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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! April 29, 2012

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Round two continues with a Game 1 and a Game 2. Not sure what the deal is with these uneven starts but sure, go for it.

Game of the Afternoon: #6 New Jersey Devils at #5 Philadelphia Flyers, Game 1, 3:00 Eastern, NBC and CBC

Here's to many, many bosslike Claude Giroux goals behind Fat Marty. And to seeing whether Sean Couturier can put the clamps on Ilya Kovalcontract like he did Evgeni Cro-Malkin.

Unless, of course, you're rooting for the Devils, in which case, I'm sorry but we just aren't going to agree on this.

Philadelphia opened the playoffs with a horribly played catastrophic goaltending nightmare gongshow sideshow very exciting series against the Penguins, and came out of it in 6 games thanks to the aforementioned bossitude of Giroux. New Jersey was the upset that wasn't, picked by everybody, and still took 7 games to defeat the Florida Panthers (and a 2OT goal from Possible Candidate To Steal Landy's Calder Adam Henrique).

Seriously, Henrique's a good player and I love Radar, but his linemates are leaps and bounds above Landekog's.

Each team one 3 games in the season series.

Mar 13, 2012 NJD @ PHI PHI, 3 - 0
Mar 11, 2012 PHI @ NJD NJD, 4 - 1
Feb 4, 2012 NJD @ PHI NJD, 6 - 4
Jan 21, 2012 PHI @ NJD PHI, 4 - 1
Nov 3, 2011 NJD @ PHI NJD, 4 - 3
Oct 8, 2011 PHI @ NJD PHI, 3 - 0

Game of the Night: #4 Nashville Predators at #3 Phoenix Coyotes, Game 2, 8:00 Eastern, NBC Sports and TSN. Phoenix leads series 1-0

Honestly, I didn't watch Game 1., take it away!

Having stolen Game 1 despite being outshot 25-7 after the second period, the Coyotes try to grab a two-game lead against Nashville, which shook off a week-long layoff by dominating the last 34 minutes but went home empty-handed when Ray Whitney scored his first OT goal in 17 years.

That's a long time yo.