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Scoreboard Watching: And Then There Were 5

5 teams remain in the hunt for the final 3 playoff spots. The Avs only have a long shot at two of those 3 spots as they can't win the Pacific Division (until the realignment next year). I went to the Kings/Oilers game last night and cheered/begged for anyone in Copper & Blue to do ANYTHING to help out the Avs, but alas, Quick and Co shut out the inept northerners. *sigh*


Busted Twigg's Analysis:

One game of importance to the bubble last night. Given there were only two games played, the odds were pretty good. LAK beat EDM, and put themselves out of reach of the Avs (93 vs. 92 max for the Avs). The Avs need to see any two or more of the following:

SJS goes 1-2-0 or worse (DAL, LAK, LAK)
DAL goes 1-2-0 or worse (SJS, NSH, STL)
PHX goes 0-2-1 or worse (CBJ, STL, MIN)

Calgary has been dropped from projections as they are out of playoff contention. Playoff line holds at 94 for the 3rd straight day.

Projected finish (based on point percentages in the last 10 games):

3. Los Angeles (96)
7. Phoenix (95)
8. San Jose (94)
9. Dallas (91)
10. Colorado (90)

No graph this morning because it hasn't changed for 3 days. Really? You want to look a parallel lines?