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Scoreboard Watching: Desperate Times


The Twigg that is Busted gives the following insight: Someone had to win between San Jose and Dallas. At least it was in regulation. The Sharks are now required to lose out as they have reached the Avs maximum point potential. It might have been nice if Phoenix had lost, but they were fairly inconsequential, and now they are beyond at reach (93). Dallas can win one. The Playoff Line stays with San Jose at a projected 94 points.

3. Los Angeles (96, 33 ROW, 8-7 h2h with PHX)
7. Phoenix (96, 33 ROW, 7-8 h2h with LAK)
8. San Jose (94)
9. Dallas (90, 35 ROW)
10. Colorado (90, 32 ROW)

Go Kings! Go! And then GO again!