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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! May Day 2012


Only Game: #6 New Jersey Devils at #5 Philadelphia Flyers, Game 2, 7:30 Eastern, NBC Sports and CBC. Flyers lead series 1-0

Philadelphia is pretty much the only team left in the Playoffs playing exciting hockey on a regular basis as they lead us to Girouxsalem. Claude Giroux leads the playoffs in most offensive categories and also bossitude. Ilya Bryzgalov five hole humangous big joke here. Also the Goalie Who is Worse than Roy joke. Adam Henrique Gabriel Landeskog Calder Trophy larceny. (Thank goodness it's not Adam Larsson or I'd be forced to make a Larssony pun. Yikes.)

Game 1 was exciting really. Philly came out flat and NJ attempted to take advantage, but EzBryzy was actually pretty good in the first. Peter Laviolette did his coachin' thang at intermission and the Flyers stood on the gas pedal from there, only giving up hilariously weak goals into aforementioned humangous big five hole before winning it in overtime. The Devils' propensity to take penalties this playoffs, combined with what has been an excellent Flyer's power play, kinda puts New Jersey up against it. But it gets worse: The big news for Game 2 is Ilya Kovalchuk - or rather the lack thereof. Lo and behold, he's been playing through a "lower body injury" since mid-round one, and rumour has it it's a lower back thing. He's in the suit and tie tonight. News of the Wacky: Well, Jaromir Jagr has a bit of a funky look about him these days, from the preview:

Jaromir Jagr might have the most interesting beard in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It's on his face in patches, but Jagr said he has a good reason for looking so … unique.

"Just wanted to shave all the gray [hair] and that's what happened," Jagr said. "I don't want to dye it."

Teammates weren't impressed. Mostly they were speechless.

"I don't know really what to say about it," Grossmann told "I asked him and he didn't have an explanation. I guess he shaved off the white and kept the rest. … Maybe that's if that's a Czech thing."

Other teammates also said there's no chance of the trend catching on.

"I'll never do that," rookie center Eric Wellwood told "That's too ugly what he's doing. Don't tell him I said that."

Do not want.