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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! May 14, 2012


I hired a guest writer to do today's preview. I hope you aren't too mad at my laziness. But to be fair, it took a lot of work and strings pulling to make this happen. While the game info scrolls across, please welcome John Tortorella, ladies and gentlemen!

Game. #6 New Jersey Devils at #1 New York Rangers, Game 1, 8:00 Eastern, NBC Sports and CBC


It's Game 1.

Lundy's gonna go for us.

We want to beat their goalie and play our game.

No update on any injuries.

We'll be rested.

We worked on things in the off day. I'm not telling you what.

Okay we're done here.

Mar 19, 2012 NJD @ NYR NYR, 4 - 2
Mar 6, 2012 NYR @ NJD NJD, 4 - 1
Feb 27, 2012 NJD @ NYR NYR, 2 - 0
Feb 7, 2012 NJD @ NYR NJD, 1 - 0
Jan 31, 2012 NYR @ NJD NJD, 4 - 3
Dec 20, 2011 NYR @ NJD NYR, 4 - 1

Again, big thanks to John Tortorella for stepping in in a pinch for me. I'm a bit torn on who to root for here. On the one hand, the Rangers play boring hockey, and New Jersey ironically represent some offensive-minded, aggressive forechecking. On the other hand, giving Martin Brodeur a chance at the SCF, only being one Cup win behind (3) Patrick Roy (4) for the career record, is not something I'm interested in. :-\