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Avalanche Final Grade 2012: Steve Downie


Steve Downie

#27 / Right Wing / Colorado Avalanche



Apr 03, 1987

2011 Cap Hit: $1,850,000

2012 Cap Hit: $1,850,000

Steve Downie came to be an Avalanche when Colorado traded Kyle Quincey to Tampa. Tampa then turned around and traded Quincey for a first round pick. It should be said that Downie was taken in the first round (29th overall) in 2005. Steve is one of the rare guys in the NHL that players bigger than he actualy is. At 5'11 and 191 pounds he isn't usually the biggest guy on the ice. In spite of that, or perhaps because of it, he takes up a lot of room by playing a very physical game.

He played 20 games in the Avalanche uniform this year and managed to amass 2 goals, 11 points and a +9 rating. Although Steve plays a very physical game, he manages to stay clear of the penalty box ( at least while he was in Avs gear) . He had a total of 16 penalty minutes in Avs gear this past season, he had over 120 while in the Bolts gear last year (in 55 games) All this while playing with a bum shoulder. He underwent surgery early in the Avalanche offseason and should be ready to go for training camp.

2012 Outlook: Expect more physicality for Steve next year. He had great chemistry with the team last year, and that should stay consistent. He is adding a lot of grit for a team that was lacking it a year ago.

Sandie's Take: His stats as an Avalanche vs his stats as a Lightning are staggering. I think next year will fall somewhere between the two. During the game in Buffalo I remember saying: "that guy plays angry all the time". I expect that will continue, but it'll lead to more time in the Sin Bin for Mr. Downie. He isn't a guy that should be realied on for offensive output, any he does manage to give should be considered a bonus, not an expectation.

DDC's Take: While I still adore this trade, I think we should be careful not to overdo it with Downie. He gave the Avs some much-needed grit, a little offensive pop and some jokey hockey hair. He’ll be a great guy to have in the playoffs, assuming he’s still on the roster when the Avalanche finally get back there. But I like him more as a 3rd or 4th line player with the ability to jump up on occasion if the top lines need more grit (or protection). If we go into next year with Downie in the top 6, I think it will mean we’re in for another disappointing year.

G A P +/- PIM
2011 - Steve Downie 14 27 41 -6 137