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Avalanche Final Grade 2012: Kyle Quincey

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Kyle Quincey

#27 / Defenseman / Detroit Red Wings



Aug 12, 1985

2011 Cap Hit: $3,125,000

2012 Status: RFA

Prior to being traded to the Detroit Red Wings via the Tampa Bay Lightning, Kyle Quincey was a staple on the Avalanche blue line. Despite a tendency to take inopportune penalties and disappear at times during games, he kept the defense--and Erik Johnson, in particular--grounded and supported. So often fans lamented about his performance, but just like the 2010-2011 season when Quincey went out with that shoulder injury, his presence was missed after he left the team.

In only 54 games with the Avs, Quincey recorded 5 goals and 18 assists for 23 points. That may not seem a lot, but when you compare those numbers to points scored by other members of the team, it looks a bit more like the guy really did contribute. His 23 points are good for 2nd in scoring for all defensemen, with only Johnson recording more. It also comes in at 9th in scoring...for ALL players. Oh, and those five goals tie Jan Hejda for the goal-scoring lead of the Avs' defensemen. On a team that was offensively anemic, Quincey's numbers have to raise some eyebrows.

2012 Outlook: According the folks over at Winging it in Motown, there's a chance Quincey will be trade bait, despite the fact that it took a first round pick to get him. His place on the team will depend highly on the personnel further up on the food chain. In particular, does Lidstrom return and does Suter sign? If neither of those things happen, Kyle Quincey is sure to remain a member of the Winged Wheel. If either one or the other guy signs, he will most likely be a third pairing or healthy scratch. If both are signed...well, let's just say Quincey is hoping that doesn't happen.

Cheryl's Take: I liked Quincey on the team. I didn't really care for him as a person. My limited experiences with him away from the rink and my observations of him during training camp and practices left a lot to be desired. And when he made those comments after the trade, I was done with him. However, I still recognize that he added something to the roster, and when he wasn't playing, it was pretty clear he was an important part of the blueline. It pains me to admit it, but losing Kyle Quincey hurt the Avs.

Sandie's Take: This year was meant to be Quincey's "comeback year" - he thought he might be forced into retirement last season- and he certainly did well on the ice when he came back. However, what was always the concern with Kyle was his off-ice attitude. That certainly seemed to be the case. The Avs lost a high-caliber player in Kyle, and gained a gritty forward in the exchange.The Avs are hoping that some of the young guns can step into the void that he left.

G A P +/- PIM
2011 - Kyle Quincey 7 19 26 -1 89