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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! May 2, 2012


We're back in action tonight with 100% less Radulov and Kostitsyn. Keepin this one quck and dirty, guys.

O VIE SUCKS! O VIE SUCKS! O VIE SCored the game winner, crap. #1 New York Rangers at #7 Washington Capitals, Game 3, 7:30 Eastern, NBC Sports and CBC. Series tied 1-1

For some reason it was news that Rangers fans chanted O VIE SUCKS at the 8:00 mark of each period. NEWSFLASH: Fans are assholes toward the road team's star player! In other news, sky rumored to be blue! In more relevant happenings, Alexander Ovechkin got himself back on track with the Game 2 GWG, leading the team in both shots and hits despite limited ice time. Braden Holtby was back to being good as well, allowing only one tough goal after giving up a softie and two howlers in Game 1. The Rangers' locker room was full of talk about mistakes and shooting themselves in the foot. Derek Stepan extended his scoring streak to 4 games.

Not sure how much of this one I'll get to see, sadly, as I'm about to go out to dinner for a fambly thing at the same time. Leave me some scoring updates in the comments if you're watching so I can see em on the Android app.

No Sleep Til Nashville: #3 Phoenix Coyotes at #4 Nashville Predators, Game 3, 9:00 Eastern, CNBC and TSN. Phoenix leads series 2-0

Not a lot of people saw this coming, especially with Rinne (RINNE! RINNE! RINNE) and the Pre (eeeee) ds falling apart a bit at the seams. Even fewer saw internal suspensions coming either... Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn are being held out of Game 3 after violating team rules prior to Game 2. There's been no specifics announced as to what they did, but the reasonably confirmed reports are that they were seen gallavanting around Scottsdale as late as 4:00am, or 13 hours from the start of Game 2. There's only so much shenanigans one could be getting into at 4am in Scottsdale, Arizona. Anyway it's been a really great distraction from how the Preds have been hahaha kinda bad in this series. They've given up 9 goals in the first 2 games. Yo that's just not good enough.

Oh for heaven's sake it was a Benny and the Jets reference. Get? Rinne and the Preds, Benny and the Jets, they're playing the Coyotes...... >:l That line was way funnier than you act like it was. Come on. No not a pity laugh either, just.... sigh. Forget it.