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Avalanche Final Grade 2012: Joakim Lindström

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Joakim Lindstrom

#28 / Center / Colorado Avalanche



Dec 05, 1983

2011 Cap Hit: $600,000

2012 Outlook: Lindström has already shipped back to Skellefteå AIK and its doubtful he will play in the NHL again next year.

Once again the Avs tried to fill a gap in their top six talent with a top scoring Swede. Unfortunately, it’s a trick that has had very little success since a certain Mr. Forsberg hung up his Avs jersey for good. Joakim Lindström joins a long line of questionable European imports with Per Ledin, Jonas Holos, and Jaroslav Hlinka. We can call them Per Hølinkaström.

Drafted 41st overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2002, Lindstrom has played 97 games in the NHL collecting 15 goals and 33 points. Lindstrom has some very nice hands, which allowed him to win the SEL’s scoring title in 2011 with Skellefteå AIK but he’s been unable to transition to NHL style play. Lindstrom looked decent in training camp, but struggled when he had to play full contact NHL hockey. He had only 5 points in 16 games as an Av and scored his only 2 goals in the 7-1 rout against the Ottawa Senators. So lets remember the

good times as we say so long to another Swede.

Cole's Take: Its too bad, if he could just learn to play with his body a little better I think he could stick in the NHL. He has nice hands, especially on the pass and really great on ice vision, but physically, he's just not cut out for the NHL. Good luck in Sweden Joakim, your one timer goal in Ottawa will always be one of the filthiest of the season.

Cheryl's Take: Imaginary awesomeness notwithstanding, it really is too bad it didn't work out with Lindstrom. He seemed to have the skill set the Avs needed in the top six. I liked what I saw in training camp when he first got to Denver, but he never really panned out consistently in the regular season. He showed flashes of what he could be, but in the end, NHL ice just wasn't a good fit for him. I still think he's a talented hockey player, though. For reals.

2011 - Joakim Lindstrom 16 2 3 5 -9 0 1 0 0 22