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Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - May 29th, 2012

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Is this Brodeur's last hurrah?

With Martin Brodeur nearing his 40th birthday and entering the final year of his contract, this season at first had the look of a last hurrah for the New Jersey Devils’ goalie great.

Well, the hurrah part was right.

It’s been one hurrah after another, reaching a high point Friday night. Brodeur made 33 saves to help the Devils defeat the rival New York Rangers 3-2 in overtime in Game 6 to advance to the Stanley Cup finals against the Los Angeles Kings. Game 1 will be Wednesday in New Jersey.

The Kings are a multi-headed monster?

Having survived the Panthers, Flyers and Rangers, New Jersey coach Peter DeBoer says the Devils now face "a three- or four-headed monster" in the Stanley Cup final.

Asked about the issues the upstart Kings brings to the table, DeBoer offered a list, starting with Jonathan Quick.

"Obviously the goaltender has been if not the best, one of the top two or three guys all year," DeBoer told reporters after practice Monday. "The size and skill of their forwards. (Defenceman) Drew Doughty. It’s a three- or four-headed monster."

Want to know more about some of the players in the Cup Final?

The best team wins the Stanley Cup. But every spring when the top two clubs meet to claim victories 13 through to 16 of the postseason, there are plenty of individual stories worth noting. Here are a dozen intriguing individuals to get to know as the Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils prepare to meet in the championship series opener in Newark on Wednesday.