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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! May 3, 2012

The former Avs are sad. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE
The former Avs are sad. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE

Two games again for your viewing pleasure. Honestly let's HOPE it's only 2 games, instead of 3 like last night, because there's no way Philly goes 3OT without scoring or being scored on, which would leave a game that starts way too late for 3OT going into 3OT.

Offense! #5 Philadelphia Flyers at #6 New Jersey Devils, Game 3, 7:30 Eastern, NBC Sports and CBC. Series tied 1-1

You know... Photoshop is awesome. After Ilya Bryzgalov said off-camera that if he hadn't gone into hockey he would have been an astronaut, and added that monkeys made terrible Cosmonauts because they kept pressing the wrong buttons, this popped up. Really guys? It's surprising that Mr. Humangous Big Universe would have wanted to travel into it? Love the shop job though.

Claude Giroux Martin Brodeur Adam Larsson Zach Parise hockey.

Defense! #2 St. Louis Blues at #8 Los Angeles Kings, Game 3, 10:00 Eastern, NBC Sports and TSN. Kings lead series 2-0

Please, Jonathan Quick and Brian Elliott. Let in the game winning goal in regulation. I don't think my sleep deprivation can take it. Because if it goes multiple overtimes, I'll still stay up to watch. #becauseitsthecup

Some chinks in the Blues' armor have started to wriggle out into the open in this series. Alex Pietrangelo should be back tonight though, which would really help old friend Kevin Shattenkirk a lot. He's not been so good this series, as the picture above shows. Chris Stewart has been in and out of the press box. If the Kings win tonight they have a chance to complete the sweep for the second series in a row--not that it worked out for em last time, but, hey, why not give it another try?