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MHH Playoffs Live Thread! May the 4th (be with you), 2012

"I found the puck! It's right there! I freakin told you guys"
"I found the puck! It's right there! I freakin told you guys"

Happy Star Wars Day, Avs faithful!

Only Game: #3 Phoenix Coyotes at #4 Nashville Predators, Game 4, 7:30 Eastern, NBC Sports and TSN. Phoenix leads series 2-1

The home team has won every game of this series so far. What does that mean? Probably nothing.

After Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn were internally suspended following what must have been a truly epic night out to make it worth missing playoff games, Nashville re-focused and rebounded, defeating Phoenix in Game 3. Perennial Jack Adams nominee for best coach Barry Trotz elected to leave them out of tonight's Game 4. This Is A Decision That Clearly Shows He Is Using Superstition In Admittedly Going With The Lineup That Worked Last Time Rather Than Playing The Best Players. Terrible Coach #FireTrotz.

Or something.

(By the way, this has set off an Internet poop-storm and a discussion the hockey world, in my opinion, absolutely needs to have about the prejudices we swear by regarding player nationality. If you didn't read Ryan Lambert's Trending Topics post on Puck Daddy this morning, you missed out. For real. The fact that Kostitsyn, a Belorussian, gets lumped in as "almost Russian" is really just alarming, and he does a good job to point that out, as well as the positive stereotypes we also use.)

Here's the Cats and Dogs' playoff numbers so far.

9 GP 8
6 W 5
3 L 3
2 OT 1
0 P 0
0.667 P% 0.625
2.89 G/G 2.62
2.22 GA/G 2.25
17.9 PP% 14.7
87.1 PK% 84.4
28.2 S/G 27.1
38.0 SA/G 31.9
51.2 FO% 49.2