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Avalanche to play preseason game in Kansas City

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The Avalanche today announced that they will be playing a preseason game in Kansas City, Missouri on October 6th against the Rangers. In case you feel it's a little early to be announcing this sort of thing, you should also know that tickets go on sale Friday. Yes, really. The Avalanche will play the Rangers, which will be a nice change of pace from the Stars, Blues, Kings cycle we've been in recently.

We also know that the Avalanche will return to Vegas for Frozen Fury, on September 29th. Expect the Avs to announce another pair of home games and away games later on this summer. Like, in August.

The date of the KC game was a bit interesting to me as the regular season usually is underway by the 6th. Why would the NHL be starting a week or two later than normal? Could someone be building in some padding in case there are hangups with the new CBA? That's a depressing thought.