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Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - May 8th, 2012

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Turns out Jibblescribbits and the Behind the Net guys aren't the only ones who think that silly plus/minus thing is a bad measurement for player performance. Too bad Mike Chambers didn't get the memo.

A bad plus/minus rating doesn’t mean anything. It’s such an awful statistic that it is called a "rating" when actually, it is just a record of how many more goals you were on the ice for versus against. Nobody rates or ranks players in terms of plus/minus unless all other options have been exhausted, and I’d hate to see a manager do it at the NHL level, since there are so many variables involved.

Jibblescribbits, the guy in question, is a #FancyStats counterpart of mine based in Denver who writes for the Avs’ Bloguin site. He tweeted after Chambers’ analysis that "inferring from his article, the Avs coaching staff doesn’t think highly of +/- either. That’s a good thing."

Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and some other Canadian teammates allegedly got into an altercation with some Finns at a bar in Helsinki. The players insist the report is overblown. At least no one's purse was snatched.

According to MTV3, Getzlaf, winger Corey Perry and a few other Team Canada players were involved in the incident with Finnish fans. Getzlaf was alleged to have waved his fist at the Finns and said that "you do not want this."

Another report said Getzlaf proclaimed himself as "the captain of the Anaheim Ducks" and that he "threatened to knock everyone out in three minutes."

But Getzlaf said the reports were filled with inaccuracies.

"Where that story came from, I don’t know," he said after a 7-2 victory over France on Monday. "It was way out of proportion. Way, way overblown. It was nothing like what was reported."

Playing hockey to raise money for a charity is awesome. Playing for 10 days straight is a little nutty. Of course, it's been done before as 40 Canadian women set the world record at 242 hours. These guys hope to break that record.

Talk about overtime. At exactly noon Sunday, the puck dropped on a hockey game that won’t end for another 10 days.

Being dubbed the World’s Longest Hockey Game, the Chestermere organizers behind the marathon event are hoping to surpass the standing world record with nearly 250 hours of consecutive ice time.

On the line are bragging rights and a Guinness World Record, but more than that, the 40 players who laced up their skates Sunday are hoping to raise $1.5 million for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Checking in with the World Championship:

Paul Stastny was named Player of the Game in the United States' loss to Slovakia, the team's first loss of the tournament.

Gabriel Landeskog recorded his first point in the tourney (assist) as Sweden tops Denmark 6-4.

Ryan O`Reilly continues to do some damage in the face off circle (71%), helping Canada dominate France 7-2.