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Fan Pulse: 2012 Avalanche final grade summary

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

It took us several weeks, but the always-awesome Mile High Hockey community has finally finished giving the Avs their season-ending grades. In order to try to keep everything fairly organized and easy to refer to, here is a quick look at them all again, with their grades averaged based on the fan poll.

But how could one average grades? That's impossible!

On contrare, friend. Or however you spell that. First was to settle on a value for each grade. A, for example, counted as a 95. B was 85, and so forth, down to F, at 55. (s/t to Cheryl for that set of values.) From there, using the poll results, the players' grades were weighted based on how many votes each grade got, and averaged, to produce a final score. The final formula was ((95*A)+(85*B)+(75*C)+(65*D)+(55*F)) / (total votes - incompletes).

Is this really interval data? Can you actually do a mean with this?

You're thinking too hard. Have some burgundy Kool-aid and relax. At the very least, it's more reliable than +/-.

That looks an awful lot like math.

That's more like it. In that case, magic was used.

Interesting Tidbits:

*Ryan O'Byrne's poll was, I think, posted after the jump. I had to click the article to make the poll appear when I was tallying totals. He had the least votes, a mere 66, while virtually everyone else had over 200 votes. Not sure how valid that makes his score in the end.

**Cody McLeod, or Highlander, received 29 additional votes for "There can be only one."

Two players were actually not given polls. They were Evan Brophey, who played 3 games, and Mike Connolly, who played 2. Actually that's a lie, Connolly did get a poll, but the winning option was "Burgundy," beating out such competitors as "fuschia."

Without further ado....

The Grades!

These are listed in score order, like this: Player - Score (A-B-C-D-F) (inc)

Gabriel Landeskog - 94.4% (281-10-0-0-2)

Ryan O'Reilly - 94.1% (344-34-1-0-0)
O'Reilly actually received more A votes than any other player received total votes. Swag.

Jean-Sebastien Giguere - 92.0% (223-82-5-0-1)

Jamie McGinn - 90.7% (155-95-8-0-0) (15/5.5% incomplete)

Jay McClement - 87.6% (92-118-21-5-0)

Steve Downie - 87.3% (62-127-14-1-0) (I find his lack of INC disturbing)

Semyon Varlamov - 85.9% (50-227-19-1-1)

Ryan O'Byrne - 85.0% (9-50-5-2-0)*

Shane O'Brien - 83.3% (32-163-65-5-1)

Jan Hejda - 83.3% (28-122-50-7-0)

Mark Olver - 82.9% (25-108-48-5-2)

Greg Sherman and the Front Office - 82.3% (43-150-58-20-7)

Ryan Wilson - 82.1% (24-120-85-5-0)

Peter Mueller - 81.1% (17-70-57-8-1)

Erik Johnson - 81.0% (12-133-86-11-1)

Matt Hunwick - 80.7% (22-67-61-13-2)

David van der Gulik - 80.0% (16-48-67-11-0) (21/12.9% incomplete)

Daniel Winnik - 79.1% (9-75-85-13-2)

Stefan Elliott - 78.6% (6-66-116-8-0)

Tyson Barrie - 77.7% (8-60-134-8-5)

Cody McLeod - 77.3% (4-38-63-12-3)**

David Jones - 77.0% (5-64-112-29-1)

Joe Sacco and the Coaching Staff - 76.0% (8-77-143-37-14)

Paul Stastny - 75.7% (6-83-12-60-8)

Brad Malone - 75.5% (5-18-39-12-6) (93/53.8% incomplete)

Kyle Quincey - 72.6% (12-47-90-32-47)
I honestly think his poll needed a "screw that red wing" option to scientificate the Fs. Yes. Scientificate. It's a thing

Matt Duchene - 71.8% (5-37-144-119-16)
I for one certainly hope Matt uses the fact that he scored lower than a guy whose score was deflated for now being with detroit as motivation.

Milan Hejduk - 69.6% (3-17-90-115-20)

Chuck Kobasew - 68.8% (1-12-81-97-26)

Kevin Porter - 66.3% (2-6-45-100-39)

T. J. Galiardi - 64.7% (1-5-41-119-62)

Brandon Yip - 62.4% (3-4-17-41-69) (54/28.7% incomplete)

Now let's get meta.

What do you guys think about this? Do you think the way the grades panned out is pretty sensible, or do you have strong disagreements with the placements of some players in the list?