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MHH Stanley Cup Playoffs Live Thread: June 11, 2012 - Game 6

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New Jersey Devils at Los Angeles Kings, Game 6, 8:00 Eastern, NBC and CBC

Okay. So there were some of you talking on Saturday about wanting the Devils to win so that the Kings' fans could watch the whole Cup-winning deal in person. You got your wish, at least about the Devils forcing a Game 6. How 'bout we leave it at that, mmmmkay?

What they need to do to win:


  • Crash the net. Those dirty goals are just as pretty when on that scoreboard.
  • Second line offense. The second line of Penner-Carter-Richards needs to make an appearance again.
  • Move sucka move. We need more hitting. Not undisciplined scraps that draw penalties, but hard, clean hits.
  • The past is the past. Quick is pretty good about not letting losses or goals against shake his confidence, and he'll need that ability more than ever. A fumbled attempt at puck-handling lead to a goal for the Devils. Gotta shake it off, baby.
  • Keep it outside. NJ did a good job of limiting the origin of LA's shots (notice I didn't say quality of shots, you Corsiatti!) to outside of the slot. They need to keep doing that.
  • Clear it. Keep those big boys from getting in Marty's face. "Why you hef be mad?"
  • Big guns. Guys like Parise (my god, he's good, isn't he?) need to keep making themselves known.
  • The past is the future. Ride the momentum of the last two wins, believing that a comeback can be done.

23 GP 19
14 W 15
9 L 4
3 OT 0
0 P 0
0.609 P% 0.789
2.52 G/G 2.68
2.26 GA/G 1.53
15.7 PP% 10.6
74.0 PK% 91.9
28.8 S/G 30.8
27.0 SA/G 27.4
47.6 FO% 49.0