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Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - June 12th, 2012

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Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings!

The heart of the video, though, goes to the soul of this sport. There are pictures of the Kings in their youth, boys wearing oversized hockey equipment who dreamed of reaching the pinnacle of the sport they loved.

The boys in those faded photos arrived there Monday night.

Los Angeles, on the strength of three power-play goals in the first period, finished off the New Jersey Devils with a 6-1 victory in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, earning the franchise's first championship in its 45-year history.

Another Recap!

One look at Rob Scuderi’s face and mouth streaming blood as he made his way back to the Los Angeles Kings’ bench ought to have been enough, but evidently that would be too easy.

So while the Kings celebrated their first Stanley Cup victory, gained on the strength of three first-period power-play goals scored while New Jersey’s Steve Bernier was in the dressing room serving a boarding major, the second-guessers were already starting.

Five minutes and a game misconduct for a hit from behind that drove a player’s face into the glass and cut him? Shameful!

UPDATE from Cheryl: SBN has a story stream for Kings/Devils and Cup articles. Check it out if you're so inclined.

Will Rick Nash go anywhere?

Still, the Rangers would greatly prefer to have Rick Nash, Columbus’s dissatisfied goal scorer, over Radulov. But hold on.

There was some speculation last week that Nash would remain in Columbus if the Blue Jackets reached an agreement with John Davidson, a former Rangers goalie and broadcaster, to oversee that team’s hockey department.

Davidson has been the president of St. Louis’s hockey operation for the last five years, and quite successful — the Blues grew into a league power this past season.