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Capitals Opt for 2nd rounder this year

This was mentioned in the comments section yesterday, but just wanted to make sure we had a thread for it. In the Semyon Varlamov trade, the Capitals received the Avs' first round pick this year and had a choice of either the Bruin's 2nd round pick this year - 54th overall, acquired by the Avs from the Leafs in the John-Michael Liles trade or the Avs' own 2nd round pick next year. While it is likely that the Avs' pick in the 2013 draft will be a better pick, we figured the Caps would probably opt for the pick now and get a jump start on getting a player developed. And so it is - Washington has opted to go with the 2012 pick.

The Avalanche currently own their own 2nd (41st), 3rd (72nd), 5th (132nd), 6th (167th) and 7th (192nd). Their 4th went to Phoenix when they acquired Dan Winnick.