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MHH Cup Finals Live Thread! June 2, 2012

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(Thread up early to give you misfits somewhere to chat.)

Los Angeles Kings at New Jersey Devils, Game 2, 8:00 Eastern. NBC and CBC; Kings lead series 1-0

Game 2.

If you didn't watch Game 1, you missed out. It had all you'd want to see in a playoff game: hard hits, battles for the puck, fantastic forechecks, brilliant backchecks, goalie scrambles, highway robbery saves, and some edge-of-your-seat scoring chances, especially Anze Kopitar's game-winning, OT goal that faked Marty right out of his jock.

The Kings seemed to be right on target for almost 40 minutes. They were doing their thing and, apart from some flurries from New Jersey, LA had the game moving at their pace. But then Goalie God Jonathan Quick fumbled the puck behind the net, and everything broke down for the Kings. The Devils took absolute control and had the West Coast boys running all over the place. You could feel it coming. You knew it would happen. NJ scored the tying goal and things changed.

Momentum went to the Devils for most of the third, but like Brodeur did the first two periods for the Devils, Quick kept the Kings in it, sending the game to OT.

Neither the Devils nor their fans took that loss at home lightly. You can be damn sure they're going to come out on time tonight and try to snap the Kings' perfect road win streak once and for all. But the Kings aren't going to relinquish that feat just yet, especially when one more win ties them for the NHL record of most road games won in a single post-season. Moreover, Game 2s are the Kings' best games so far in the playoffs. Not only are they 3-0, but they are also outscoring the opposition 13-4. The Devils have their work cut out for them.

Quote of the Night (courtesy of

In answering a question about familiarity with the Devils, or lack thereof, Sutter had this gem of a line:

"Most of these guys watched Marty (Brodeur) when they were kids," he said.

15 GP 19
13 W 12
2 L 7
0 OT 2
0 P 0
0.867 P% 0.632
2.87 G/G 2.74
1.53 GA/G 2.32
8.0 PP% 17.6
91.5 PK% 74.6
32.3 S/G 29.7
28.2 SA/G 27.4
48.6 FO% 47.3