Unsubstantiated Rumor of the year: Parise to Avs


"Zach Parise will be definitely the best available free agent on the market from 1st July. It is not likely the New Jersey Devils would find money for his huge contract. Then there are spreading bigger and bigger rumors about his next team. Members of the official forum of the Avalanche wrote "guaranteed" and "reliable" rumors which we have to report to you." ~Eurolanche~ I am not as familiar with the Eurolanche as some people here seem to be and I don't really get the bold part above. According to Aaron Musik they broke Hunwick's signing ahead of time. So they have some credibility. [DDC's note: Eurolanche is not behind this. They are reporting something they found on the Avs' message board, which is about as reliable as Mark Olver in the faceoff circle.]