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Matt Duchene signs two year extension

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"Matt is back, all in we're gonna win. Check it out, y'all, here we go again" - Public Enemy

Fulfilling the prophecy created by Chuck D years ago, the Non-Public Avalanche have signed RFA Matt Duchene to a 2-year deal. Bob MacKenzie is reporting that the cap hit is $3.5 million. That's a very favorable cap number for the Avs, while the short term gives Duchene a couple of seasons to turn it on and earn Tavares / Ryan or Neal money - something we had speculated might happen. This won't do much in terms of cap floor though - Duchene's cap hit only increases by $300,000 from the entry level deal he was already working under.

Duchene will still be a RFA at the end of this deal, two years before becoming an unrestricted free agent. Under the current CBA, that is. Duchene is the first of several RFAs to sign, so hopefully we'll start seeing more of these deals getting done.