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Avalanche select Colin Smith #192

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photo courtesy Kamloops Blazers

The Avs have used their 7th rounder on Colin Smith of the WHL's Kamloops Blazers.

Smith is yet another undersized forward, this one right handed, a center at 5'10, 172. He scored 35 goals and 50 assists in 72 regular season games, and added 3-7-10 in 11 playoff games. Buzzing the Net pegged him last year as an undrafted guy who could get another shot last year due to good output as a young kid on a bad team, plus his performance at U-18s, and boom, here we are.

Smith was passed over in last year's draft presumably because he is a small 2-way guy forward. Honestly the description could be pasted from every other pick's description. Small, forward, center, Canadian, OHL or WHL, hard working, 2 way guy.