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Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - June 27th, 2012

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USA Today has a gallery of Joe Sakic pics.

Joe Sakic was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. He spent his entire career with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche franchise.

Some more info on Shane O`Brien - a quote from Sherman.

"Having Shane under contract further solidifies our blueline," said Avalanche general manager Greg Sherman. "He brings energy to our lineup and we're pleased to have signed him to a multi-year deal."

Did the Avs do right by Peter Mueller?

The Colorado Avalanche have been a busy team already this summer in trying to maintain several key pieces of their roster, but it appears as if one young talent will be moving on from the Mile High City.

Forward Peter Mueller was left without a qualifying offer on Monday, which means his status will shift from restricted to an unrestricted free agent. He is free to sign with any team starting on July 1st.

More CBA talks.

"There's nothing magic about Sept. 15 (when the CBA expires)," Fehr told reporters. "The law is that if you don't have a new agreement, and as long as both sides are willing to keep negotiating, you can continue to play under the terms of the old one until you reach an agreement. All I know is that in baseball, there were any number of occasions in which we played while the parties were continuing to negotiate."

The last time the CBA expired, the NHL cancelled the 2004-05 season when the two sides couldn't come to terms on a new deal, with a hard salary cap being the biggest bone of contention. But Fehr, the head of the Major League Baseball Players Association from 1983 to 2009, doesn't agree with the cynics who think a work stoppage is inevitable.

"None of that (work stoppage talk) is coming from our side," he said. "We have not made a proposal. We haven't heard an owners' proposal."