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Daily Cupcakes - June 28th, 2012


No Sandie today. You'll live.

Lake Erie's new coach Dean Chynoweth's fight history from He wasn't exactly afraid to drop the gloves. Chynoweth, by the way, was drafted two spots ahead of a Hall of Famer some of you may be familiar with. PS Chynoweth is on Twitter...but his account is protected.

The Edmonton Oilers have a new coach.

Krueger, 52, is entering his third season with the Oilers and his first as an NHL head coach. The Winnipeg, Manitoba native was in charge of special teams last season, helping the team's power-play vault to third in the NHL with a 20.6-percent success rate.

John Vogl from has an interesting look at the production of players after being traded or changing teams in free agency. It's worth the read, although he clearly has a bias against past Avalanche stars:

Ottawa's trade for Tyler Arnason in 2006 featured the largest production drop among skaters who played all year. After recording 13 goals and 41 points in 60 games for Chicago (0.68 points per game), Arnason failed to score and had only four assists in 19 games with the Senators (0.21 points per game)

Oh, and back to that Hall of Famer above...he sure is a swell guy:

"Mr. Sakic, would you do me the honour?" I hand him my jersey. "No problem."
Mr. Sakic signs my Avs jersey the night this local NHL hockey All-Star was inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Once again, our thoughts, prayers and positive vibes go out to everyone affected by the wildfires.