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Help Fill Out MHH's Glossary and Nicknames Lists.

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Sadly another Avalanche season ended too soon, and we are left with a lengthy summer to complain about the heat. The best way to beat the heat? Hang out in a hockey arena - but if you aren't in Jersey or L.A. your next best way is to hang with us and talk hockey (well, it does come up sometimes), baking, eyebrows, aprons, cupcakes, books, movies and music, video games and other randomness.

Here comes the fun part. Every year, as Mile High Hockey grows, our meme's do as well. From player nicknames that are used by players, to short forms and random names assigned by us. We need to have it all in one, or two places, for all the new folks - and some old folks who forget (sup, DDC?). Here are the current glossary page and the current nicknames page. These aren't for the ones that only one or two peeps use, but the ones that as a whole we use. It's to be a useful guide for introducing new members to the site. Do you see a glaring omission? If so, help us out! Thanks y'all.