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Avalanche Re-sign David Jones for 4-Years, $16 Million. Hunwick Too for 2 years.

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The Denver Post is reporting that NHL sources are stating that the Avalanche have re-signed unrestricted free agent winger David Jones to a four-year deal worth $16 million. You guys may remember Jones as the jack-of-all-lines winger with 20 goals in 72 games from the last season, but management appears to think his 2010-2011 production of 27 goals and 45 points was a better economic indicator. His signing brings the Avalanche roster of players for next season up to 11. More details as they become available.

Let's cut right to it, I'm a Dr. Jones fan and I'm glad he's on this team. Taking off the Burgundy specs though and I have serious questions relating to his role on the team and his contract amount. This reeks of overpayment to help close the gap to the salary floor. The $4 million per year cap hit is MUCH more than the $2.5 million he was pulling down last year. As David mentioned in Jones' grade post earlier this week (C) while wishing for Scarlett Johansson lapdances and some sick flow, he also pined for Jones' return. Others speculated that the dearth of legit NHL wingers available this summer would make re-signing him much more likely. Hey, he was our 3rd-best scorer last year and it marked the second consecutive year where he didn't miss significant time to a devastatingly weird injury.

[Update: Bruce "Malkin to LA" Garrioch is reporting that the Avs have also re-signed Matt Hunwick to a 2 year, $3.2 million deal]

[Update to the update: Adrian Dater has since said there is nothing confirmed on that front]

[Update to the updated update: The Avs have announced the re-signing of Matt Hunwick. He has a 2-year deal; put the amount in the comments if you know. Stay tuned for full story.]