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Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - June 8th, 2012

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I want to say congrats to David Jones for more than just his extended contract. Turns out there is a reason he wanted to sign quickly.

The stress of impending free agency was weighing heavily on Colorado Avalanche forward David Jones.

Not so much over where he would wind up, but more about where his baby would be born.

Jones and his wife are expecting their first child in September and he wanted to have everything worked out sooner rather than later.

The man who had the best hockey hair at one point in his hockey career still wants to play.

Jaromir Jagr seemed iffy at season's end about his future as a Philadelphia Flyer, but his agent has told the veteran winger wants to return for another season.

"I've talked to Jaromir and I have talked to Paul (Holmgren, Philadelphia's general manager) and we hope to get something done before the draft," agent Petr Svoboda said, adding that any negative impression Jagr left last month was not accurate.

Mikhail Grigorenkolikes North America... even has the shirt to prove it!

Mikhail Grigorenko says he’s in North America to stay.

The highly touted prospect for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft has been repeatedly asked about the possibility of bolting back to Russia if a sweeter deal came down the pipe.

"They ask me this question all the time," said Grigorenko, brought to town by the Edmonton Oilers and presented to the media Thursday. "But I came here to play in the NHL. Look, I have a Canada polo (shirt) on.