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Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - July 10th, 2012


Will the Avalanche faithful see Shane Doan in the burgundy and blue?

• Shane Doan has spoken with the Vancouver Canucks, and his agent said he'd totally play for them. [News 1130]

• Shane Doan has spoken with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and his agent said he'd totally play for them. [Pensburgh]

• Shane Doan has spoken with the Detroit Red Wings, and his agent said he'd totally play for them. [Malik Report]

• Adrian Dater hasn't spoken with Shane Doan recently, but totally hopes he'd play for the Colorado Avalanche. [Denver Post]

Another interview with Dean Chynoweth.

Crain's: After leaving the Islanders, surely there were opportunities for you in a number of places. What brought you to the Monsters?

Chynoweth: Whenever you're looking for work, you're trying to find the best fit. For me, after three years as an assistant in the NHL, it was a good time to get back into being a head coach. That wasn't going to happen at the NHL level. I started looking around the NHL; I went to the NHL Draft (June 22-23 in Pittsburgh) with an open mind. I had a few interviews, and Colorado was one.

It was a great fit. I know a few guys in the Colorado organization. I either played with or against Joe Sacco and (Avalanche vice president of player development) Craig Billington; in the hockey business, it's a small world. You keep those relationships and stay in touch. The opportunity to work with an organization on the development side is something I'm excited about.

The KHL is still reeling after the loss of a team, their regular-season championship trophy will now be called the Lokomotiv Cup.

The KHL released its 52-game 2012-13 schedule with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl – the team wiped out in a plane crash last September -- back in the league.

The season will start Sept. 4 but no games will be played Sept. 7, to honour the anniversary of those killed in the Lokomotiv plane crash last year.

"This will be a day of mourning on the anniversary of the disaster which tragically cost the lives of so many of the Yaroslavl team," the league said in a release.

Now, this is a discussion I would like to be a part of.

Twenty years separate Mort Weinfeld, who’s 62 and teaches at McGill, from his former pupil, 42-year-old Vanier College teacher Avi Goldberg. What unites them is a passionate interest in this city’s hockey team.

Which doesn’t make them unique as Montrealers – or even as academics. Had it been two astrophysicists on the terrasse of Starbucks on Monkland Ave. this week, odds are the conversation might have turned to the potential star magnitude of first-round draft choice Alex Galchenyuk. Economists would have analyzed Brandon Prust’s $10-million contract, offering a Keynsian perspective on the value of tough guys.

I could go on: theologians talking Habs as religion, political scientists assessing whether a deep playoff run would have siphoned the spotlight from student demos.