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Daily Cupcakes - Links From Around the NHL - July 25th, 2012

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A Colorado Avalanche prospect owns up to dropping the ball. Well, actually the trophy.

The junior hockey championship trophy looked like a wreck in pictures published this week. The metal cup at the top was bashed in and the wooden base was cracked.

Each player on the championship team is allowed 24 hours to celebrate with the Cup at home, provided the team takes out a $50,000 in insurance against damages.

Cataractes general manager Martin Mondou said Donnelly will have to pay.

"You have to be responsible for your behaviour," he said.

Ryan O`Byrne is doing good.

"Altogether (the NHLPA and KidSport money) is $30,000, a huge lift to the youth hockey community in Victoria," said Patti Hunter, chair of KidSport Victoria. "For (O’Byrne) to choose KidSport is awesome."

"My parents taught me to appreciate things," O’Byrne said. "I’ve been fortunate enough to play in the NHL and I remember the volunteers who helped me along the way."

Globe and Mail has an article that might interest some of you.

Now, commissioner Gary Bettman can’t stop trumpeting just how wildly successful the league has been over the last seven seasons.

Revenues have risen from roughly $2.2-billion to $3.3-billion – or an average of about $160-million a season – over the length of the current CBA, pushing the average revenue-per-team figure to $110-million.

Overall, the league is profitable, too.