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Colorado Avalanche Re-Sign D Erik Johnson

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Erik Johnson has re-signed with the Avalanche to a 4-year, $15 million deal. The former first overall draft pick led the Colorado blueline in scoring with 4 goals and 22 assists for 26 points in 73 games. He also led the defense in assists and shots-on-goal (155).

The signing comes as no surprise, but it's good to see it in the books. The cap-friendly hit of $3.75 million per year is certainly a great deal on the Avs' part and is most likely due to the 24-year-old still trying to live up to the promise of being selected so high. However, one might speculate that this deal, along with that made by Matt Duchene ($3.5 million), might indicate a promise by the Avalanche to bring in the types of guys that will allow the young stars to flourish in their roles.

Or, as Marc Parsons said on Twitter, the guys might just really like Colorado.