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Daily Cupcakes - September 11th, 2012

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Bob McKenzie gives his take on why guys like Ryan O`Reilly aren't signed yet.

Some of them would love to get Matt Duchene's two-year deal with the Colorado Avalanche worth an average of $3.5 million, but the clubs are taking a hard line on these emerging stars who have shown great potential but may not have fully developed.

When the NHL constructed the collective bargaining agreement seven years ago, it thought players coming out of their entry-level deals would be in a tough spot with no arbitration rights.

But a lot of precocious third-year players have nevertheless hit the jackpot. Aside from the obvious NHL-NHLPA dispute on how to divvy up revenue, this issue of reining in salaries on entry-level grads is a front-burner for many NHL general managers.

This lady tells her tale of spending a few seconds with Lord Stanley's Cup. Would you drink out of the Cup?

When it was my turn, I shook Stoll’s hand and congratulated him…except my voice rose several octaves and I sounded like I was on helium. Real smooth.

Then, we stood there awkwardly for 30 seconds while my dad tried to figure out my camera. Like I said, he’s a work in progress. Then, Stoll shook my hand again and turned to the next person in line.

My dad and I left shortly after that, but I was miffed to find out the next day the party went until 6 a.m. and those that stuck around got to drink out of the Cup. Every time I tell someone that, they cringe. Yes, I realize the Cup has been kissed, touched and slobbered on by hundreds of people, but drinking out of the Cup is still on my bucket list.

Duncan Siemens is looking good.

Brett Lernout, who will turn 17 later this month and is fighting for a spot on the blue-line, spent the night paired with Blades veteran Siemens, who was drafted 11th overall in the 2011 NHL draft by the Colorado Avalanche. The young hopeful enjoyed the chance to play alongside one of the team's stars.

"Siemens is a really good player. He really makes his D partners look good," Lernout said.

According to Struch, the defensive pairings are not an indication of who the team is leaning toward keeping for the season.