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Don't forget your Game Center Live and Center Ice packages renew automatically.

Lock out arena
Lock out arena

For those of us who aren't lucky enough to live in the TV coverage zone of our favorite NHL team, we have the option of ordering Game Center Live (GCL) and/ or Center Ice (CI). GCL provides you with access to most hockey games (there are some blackout restrictions - but very few) through your computer/ iPad/ Smartphone. While Center Ice let's you watch the games on your TV.

GCL has always had the drawback of having some lag, but it also provides those of us who travel frequently the ability to watch the game anywhere as long as you have access to broadband internet.

Those of you who have been customers of either products know that it automatically renews every season. I just got off the phone with GCL customer care. I asked if I should cancel my subscription due to the auto-renewal feature, a feature that I've always loved, and it was suggested to me by the customer care expert that it would be an advisable thing to do. The agent on the phone was rather pleasant, thanked me for not being nasty about the situation (I guess people are cranky?), and said that it wasn't a problem to cancel. I wanted to know if it was a required thing, so that I could pass along the information to you. He advised me that due to the circumstances there "shouldn't be a charge, but it's a really good idea to cancel your subscription. If, and when, the season starts, just go back on the site and you can sign up again."

As such, I thought that I would give a friendly reminder to you. If this applies to you, and you wish to cancel your GCL account the number is : 1-866-210-6349. Please be advised that there is a fairly long wait time, so don't do it when you are pressed for time.

If you are a Center Ice customer, it will depend on your provider how they handle it, and you should contact them about it. Most should have a note on your statement telling you how they will handle the auto-renewal for the upcoming season.