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Daily Cupcakes - Links from around the locked out NHL - September 25th, 2012

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For you history buffs (okay so it isn't a long look into history): a look at the evolution of the hockey stick.

Hockey sticks have come a long way from the days of the old wooden Sher-Wood P.M.P. 5030, which was the most popular stick in the NHL in the late 1970s and, as a result, the stick most Canadian kids wanted.

Other popular sticks over the years included the white Canadien model that was used by a number of former Canadiens; the Victoriaville stick that Bobby Orr used with one strip of black tape; the Koho model Mario Lemieux preferred early in his career; and the Titan stick Wayne Gretzky used before switching to the silver Easton aluminum shaft with the wooden blade.

Ever wonder what happened to Sandis Ozolinsh?

Former San Jose Sharks defenseman Sandis Ozolinsh has arrived in Moscow suburb city of Mytishchi to sign for the local KHL team Atlant, the Russians said.

The 40 year old is expected to ink a contract after passing a medical on Mond

The 1972 Summit Series were a huge deal for both Canadians and Soviets. The Canadian Team received a star of Canada's Walk of Fame.

Paul Henderson and the rest of the Canadian hockey squad that defeated the mighty Soviets at the 1972 Summit Series collectively earned a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame on Saturday, becoming the first team to have their names etched into the concrete shrine.

And Henderson, who scored the unforgettable decisive goal to secure victory for Canada, says that being honoured together suits the team just fine.

"I really think it’s appropriate, because we’re always known as Team Canada," the 69-year-old said as he navigated the red carpet Saturday outside Ed Mirvish Theatre, where the induction gala was taking place.

If you are in Montreal, and depending on the length of the lockout - perhaps a number of cities in Quebec, have I got a deal for you! Twenty bucks and you can see NHL'ers play in some non-contact hockey. All the money goes to charity.

Eller has been practicing with other NHL players and will participate in Le Tournée des Joueurs, a series of exhibition games being organized by Max Talbot of the Philadelphia Flyers and Bruno Gervais of the New York Islanders. The series begins Thursday night at 7 p.m. with a game at the Centre Multisports in Châteauguay.

"It’s a way to keep in shape and raise some money for charity," said Talbot, who’s expecting a sellout crowd of about 1,000 for the inaugural event. "We hope to play twice a week on Thursday and Friday nights. We’ve had a lot of arenas around the province express interest in having games, and we’ll talk to the players and see what works best."

Patrik Elias , for one, will not be joining other NHL'ers overseas.

Elias’ case is a cautionary one for those in their first lockout that things can happen, and life might not be NHL plush overseas.

Elias, 36, was playing for Magnitogorsk after starting the lockout in the Czech league. He played just 17 games for the Russian team before contracting hepatitis-A in March, 2005, and its cause still is a mystery.

He was in dire condition, with a high fever and dehydration, with a compromised immune system from the liver ailment. Intensive care included intravenous treatment, and he wasn’t close to ready for training camp when the lockout ended.