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Sandie's History Lesson: Office Supplies

I took this picture in Colorado last December.
I took this picture in Colorado last December.

For all the masses stuck in an office right now, I hope you will embark with me on a short history lesson and learn more about the objects that surround you.

The Post It Note:

To know about the history of the Post it Note, you need the history of the Post It Note glue. The glue was accidentally created by Spencer Silver. How was this an accident? He was trying to make super glue. In 1974 one of Spencer's colleague's saw potential and used the glue on paper. Voila! Post it Notes were invented - but they weren't available in stores until 1980.

The Stapler:

Although the first stapler was made in the 18th century, for a King, George McGill will go down as the inventor of the stapler in 1866. He was the first one to make a commercially successful stapler in 1879. Also to be noted, the stapleless stapler was created in 1910.

Ballpoint Pen:

The invention date of these is a bit wonky. Between 1904 and 1946 many patents were created to try and make the perfect ballpoint pen. The first commercial pen was available in 1945, the cost? $9.75 each!

Paper Clips: If you were to guess when the paper clip was patented what would you guess? If you guessed 1867, you'd be right.

Ruler: The ruler is the oldest item on this list. They have found rulers made of ivory dating back 1500BC. In fact, there was one ruler found that dates back to 2400 BC that was calibrated to 1/16".