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Daily Cupcakes - September 6th, 2012

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Earlier this week I told you that The Rock (yes, I know - it's Dwayne Johnson now) chased down some robbers who got scared and distracted. Today I'm bringing you a story (the link has pics) of a cop that held onto the roof of a car to make his arrest!

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean traffic cop who arrested a drug suspect after clinging to his car for 25 minutes has gotten a promotion and is being called the "Die Hard policeman" by local media.

Capa Breton's Red Shoe Pub... no longer has a red shoe.

It was a Friday night around closing time when the crime occurred. The Red Shoe Pub in Mabou, N.S., was full of locals, tourists and fiddle players — potential eyewitnesses — milling about, as they typically do at "the Shoe."

They had come for the live Celtic music, the good food and the good cheer of a famous Cape Breton watering hole with a tiny stage and a large, red, high-heeled wooden shoe in the front window.

There used to be two red shoes in the front window. One went missing several years back, snatched by a drunken ne’er-do-well looking for a souvenir, for a piece of the bar owned by the Rankin sisters of foot-stomping, singing and East Coast fiddle-playing fame. The red shoes were a gift from the girls’ aunts Bessie and Donna Ann, given to them when they bought the pub in May 2005 after rescuing it from potential closure and disrepair.

BBC has an article about the human genome.

They've discovered a far larger chunk of our genetic code is biologically active than previously thought.

The researchers hope the findings will lead to a deeper understanding of numerous diseases, which could lead to better treatments.

More than 400 scientists in 32 laboratories in the UK, US, Spain, Singapore and Japan were involved.