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Daily Cupcakes - September 7th, 2012


Yeahhhhhhh I sidelined Sandie's cupcakes for the day so sit back and enjoy, suckas.

We'll start today off with some ground-breaking stories, as both China and California had the pleasure of earthquakuuu hitting yesterday and early this morning. The stronger of the two in China was registered at 5.6 magnitude while the California quake came in at 3.5 but it was in Beverly Hills so famous people cared which means we all should a care significantly more than usual. Scoffscoffscoff.

More than 20,000 houses were damaged by the quakes, according to Xinhua.

Hundreds of local residents had gathered on streets littered with bricks and rocks, television footage from state-run broadcaster CCTV showed.

Beverly Hills Police Department Watch Cmdr. Todd Withers said he felt a "sharp jolt" followed by a slow roll. The department received calls from residents, including some about burglar alarms going off, but no damage or injuries were reported.

Now enjoy this video of a douchebag caring way too much about a piece of sports equipment he could easily buy at a store for under $5. At least it shredded that girls obvious sense of entitlement that she'll likely regain once she hits high school and puberty. Except mommabear gave the drama queen just what she wanted. Awesome.

When a Marlins player tosses a ball into the stands, it was obviously meant for one of the two kids standing in the area. But a rude adult boxes out a little girl and grabs the prize, leaving the kid very sad.

At least someone in Miami knows how to box out. Sup, Joel Anthony? Anyway.

Elsewhere in the world of sports, Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer put on quite a display last night as each man defeated their opponents to advance to the semifinals of the Men's Draw at the U.S. Open. Djokovic's display of skill was especially noticeable in an 84 minute second set in which he and opponent Juan Martin Del Potro, who ended American Andy Roddick's career in his previous match, staged a phenomenal back and forth set that included a 17 minute 12th game won by Del Potro to push the set to the tiebreaker. Seriously, y'all. It was amazing tennis.

The high point came late in the back-and-forth, 84-minute second set — 11 minutes longer than Djokovic's entire first-round match — when del Potro forced a tiebreaker by saving three set points to win a game that extended to eight deuces and lasted 17 minutes.

Second-seeded Djokovic won the tiebreaker 7-3, but really it was the 20-shot point that made it 6-3 that finished it off.

This also happened last night. Congrats to all involved for managing not to punch, maim, or otherwise mutilate each other. Your maturity is an inspiration to us all.

One Direction had the girls screaming, Frank Ocean gave a soft, poignant performance and Chris Brown and Drake were in the same venue with not a bottle thrown. Save for a saucy Rihanna number and a few off-color jokes, the MTV Video Music Awards were a rather tame affair this year.

The world's fascination with NASA's Curiosity might have been short-lived but that doesn't mean the inquisitive robot is done working. Far from it, apparently, as it opened it's robot breathers and sucked in some Martian air for sampling as the team openly wonders about the presence of methane. Great stuff here.

The Sam analysis is ongoing but no major surprises are expected at this stage - carbon dioxide will dominate.

CO2 is the chief component of the Martian air, as the Viking probes found. Of keener interest will be whether a signal for methane has been detected by Curiosity.

Nerds alike should appreciate this as a new super stretchy hydrogel has been created. Oh, Harvard, you always know how to make a man smirk in the wee hours of the morning, don't you?

The hydrogel also is biocompatible, which is important if it is ever to be used as artificial cartilage or some other implant. It is not limited to that one use though as artificial muscle could benefit from this stretchiness and it could even be utilized as a covering for wounds. Only time and further research will tell us what it is capable of.

Before 'Gangnam Style' captured the imagination of...just about everybody lucky enough to see it (Youtube is saying 116 million of us), Gangnam was a very different place. Complete with pictures!

However, the Gangnam of today really started to emerge around the 1988 Seoul Olympics, as the Games helped create even more rapid, and impressive, urbanization. The Trade Tower, viewable above, was built in 1988 and is one of the country's tallest buildings.

This isn't newsworthy or anything but it's a great read, especially in light of our MMORPG conversations the other day. Enjoy :D

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) are a psychological test we pay to fail. We've looked at the biggest dick moves in online gaming before, but multiplayer games are just like the rest of the Internet -- no matter how big a dick you've seen, somewhere there's an even bigger one doing unspeakable things to people.

Alla y'all enjoy your Friday and drink responsibly. Except you, Cheryl. Get cray, girl. You deserve it. <3