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The 2012 MHH Verbosity Awards

Matthew Mallett

I actually didn't know that verbosity was a real word until I typed it and an underline didn't appear. And here I thought I was being cute and creating some new catchy internet word. Oh well. I am here today to announce the winners of the 2012 MHH Verbosity Awards, which are not really awards but just a list of the people who did lots of stuff here last year. In all seriousness, we have always valued the community behind MHH, from the awesome folks with too much free time at work on the list below to the lurkers who finally become brave enough to register and post their first comment. I'd like to thank all of you for sticking around with us, especially considering the Avalanche last took the ice over 8 months ago. Thank you all.

Most FanPosts
ProfessorOak 13
c6hor8 12
vtcapsfan99 12
GeorgeInLimbo 12
An Unmitigated Disaster 11
zandar 10
Busted Twigg 9
bRy000 8
TheBrandyBarrelRescueTeam 7
Nemesis44UK 7

Most FanShots
Cheryl Bradley 29
i2strange97 20
Tempestuous Binary 18
Bob in Boulder 16
ProfessorOak 16
9601 13
An Unmitigated Disaster 13
GeorgeInLimbo 12
vtcapsfan99 11
Do Not Feed the Octopus 10

Most Comments (way to go MHH staff!)
SteveHouse 10401
ProfessorOak 10198
amit916 8901
Americanario 7756
Andi D. 7272
Sandie Gauthier 5755
Cole D Hamilton 5493
c6hor8 5465
JProulx 5047
Cheryl Bradley 4760