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Training Camp Day 1: It Begins

Twitter feed recap of the first day of Avalanche training camp.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

It's been a while, eh? /waves

With the season officially kicking off with the beginning of training camp, I made the familiar trek to the Avs practice facility and took in the first day of Avs action (with coaches and everything) as classic trusty sidekick to superstar Cheryl. What follows is me just copy/pasting the tweets of both Cheryl and myself from the beginning to the end of the session. I'll add a few thoughts for the sake of polish and will try to be as active in the comments answering any questions as I can. Most importantly, though, is pleasepleaseplease remember this is the first day of camp and it was a drills-only day of work, with very few instances of guys going above about 60-70% effort level.

At Fam Sports Center, ready for some hockeyyyyy

Okayyyyy here we go folks. T minus ten minutes

Going to be weird not seeing O'Reilly out here

Sherman in the house

And the boys take the ice to huge cheers. Peeps definitely boycotting, pissed off for sure. Lol

Olver, Bordy, McLeod. Stastny, McGinn, Jones. Duchene, Parenteau, Landeskog. Downie, Mitchell, Hejduk

Sacco just totally ate it, falling against the boards. Rare smile coming from him

Starting out with drills. Can really tell the guys who played in Europe.

Varly just flashed the glove to deny McGinn

is missing his buddy. Kobasew not on the ice. (does tweeting it count, Kobario?)

Sakic in the house too

making O'Byrne look average

Zanon just rocked Bordy hard against the boards

Landry just ripped one past Varly.

Coaches still out, ice being cleaned, looking like scrimmage coming up

Okay tweeps, I'm gonna pass the updates to for the scrimmage

At which point everyone became subjected to my point of view. Huzzah!

Taking over the tweet duties. This zamboni is lookin spry. Could have a future in the bigs if he can keep this pace.

Looks like more drills are on the way. Hooray...ish.

McGinn lighting up 5 on 2s. Jones is quite th spectator lolol. Zanon has been real impressive defensively.

Zanon giving Eliott a talkin to. Lots of guys have been in Stef's ear today. Not a good showing at all.

EJ and O'Byrne pairing doin some work. Cheryl points out Wilson and Quinn engaged in lengthy chat.

Duke has spent all morning pickin corners. Would love to see that carry over into primetime.

Zanon is all over the place. Pairing with Hunwick sufficiently doing some work.

McGinn looks outstanding with Stastny holy shit. Defensemen haven't mattered. They're playing unstoppable two man game from all areas

EJ throwin an elbow up high to VDG along the boards. Intensity has picked up, obviously.

Stastny lines run of excellence finally slowed by Landy workin the boards and Duchene being in great defensive position.

Steve Downie with an impossible pass to Duke who slides it past a helpless Varly.

Sgarbossa working damn hard along the boards. Love the effort, was simply outgunned

Stastny line picks it up again against a pretty helpless obrien/barrie combo. Parenteau responds at other end with a gorgeous snipe

Top two lines engaging in a hockey version of horse right now. Anything mcginn can do, parenteau can do better it appears.

Finally some life from Elliott. Finally. And it came defensively.

Attention drifting as speculation about Kobasew being traded for rolls of tape so Zanon won't go without begins to ramp up

Yay skating. As expected, Bordy is not shining.

Hour 45 min limit reached. Think this will probably be the end. For the fangirls, Landy lookin all captainly in the center of the stretch

Quinn leading the defensive meeting. Yes, that is absolutely our next head coach.

And the all important last guy off the ice...

Last off the ice...Duchene.

Bam. That was day one. Pretty much all the big moments of the day were snagged by one of us as the guys just ran through formal drills. Because people always want to know about who "looks" great and who could really benefit from another day at camp, I'll toss up a quick list.

Looked good, stood out as an overall positive: Duchene, Parenteau, Stastny, McGinn, Zanon, Downie, Hejduk, O'Byrne, Landeskog.

Can't wait for tomorrow's scrimmage to make up for a bleh bad day: Sgarbossa, Elliott, Bordeleau's conditioning, O'Brien, Johnson.

Guys I didn't really notice at all, positive or negative: Barrie, Olver, Hunwick, Wilson, Mitchell, Jones. Everyone else not named, I suppose.

With tomorrow's session expected to be a much more serious intra-squad scrimmage, the write up for tomorrow will be more extensive and have more analysis-y type stuff in it. For all of those planning to make it, come by and say hi! For those who dropped by and said hello today, it was greet meeting all of you and I hope to see you all again in the morning :D:D