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A Series: Looking into Avalanche and Nordiques Player Numbers: Number 49

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This will be brief.

Kip Miller. The Miller family from Michigan was quite a hockey family. Three brothers, Kevin, Kelly and Kip all starred at Michigan State University and went on to solid NHL careers. Kip was the youngest of the three and also became the first Spartan to win the Hoby Baker award (one of 7 former HB winners to play for the Avalanche / Nordiques). The Nordiques drafted him in the 4th round of the 87 draft, one spot after Joe Sacco. He made his NHL debut in 1990 and played 49 games for Quebec before being traded to Minnesota for Steve Maltais. Maltais never played for the team - the summer after being acquired, he went to Tampa in the expansion draft.

Serge Aubin - Serge (funnier if you say it in the Bronson Pinchot voice) has already been covered in this series. Twice. In 1998-99, he played 1 game wearing #44. The next year he played 15 games in number 49 and left for Columbus via free agency the following summer. He returned to the Avs a couple years later, this time wearing #10.

And, with that, I have fulfilled my contractual obligation to report about who wore #49. Thanks for listening.