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Help us bring Ryan home

Two things cannot be denied: the Avalanche need Ryan O`Reilly in order to be successful in 2013 and fans want him to return as soon as possible.

Ezra Shaw

It was suggested—tongue-in-cheek, of course—that we send a care package to Radar in hopes that it might remind him of all he has in Denver, prompting him to sign a damn contract and come home. Mike and I decided it was actually a pretty good idea.

So here's what were going to do:

- You are going to email me ( letters telling O`Reilly how much you like him, miss him, want him home. This is NOT the time to bitch at him about the situation. Let's keep this positive so that he, you know, actually wants to sign the contract. Basically, drop us a note letting us know how important RoR is to you and the Avalanche. Try to keep it under 300 words.

- I'm going to print out pictures of Denver that show all the awesome, amazing sights it has to behold.

- I'm also going to buy a toque with "Colorado" or "Denver" on it.

- Then I'm going to package it all up and ship it off to Magnitogorsk Arena. It should get there in 3-5 business days. From the sounds of things, this contract shit isn't going to resolve itself by then, so we should be safe.

The deadline for the letters is tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9 a.m. MT. PLEASE WRITE THE EMAIL DIRECTLY TO RYAN. DO NOT include an intro to me or MHH with it. I'm going to just right click, print all down the line.

Who knows if this will really do anything to change the situation, but it will at least let him know we want him back.