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Site updates are now live

Stanley Chou

Just a quick note to let you all know that the site changes mentioned recently are now live. These changes are mostly based on feedback from users (as well as the writers). It won't cure all of your woes (sorry, Dariohors, no IE8 tweaks in this update), but I think there are some nice changes, most notably the movement of fanposts back towards the top of the page where they belong. We have always valued Fanposts at MHH (and I know we're not alone) so I'm very excited to see those back in a prominent place. And when we frontpage our favorite fanposts, we can place right up top to give them the love that they deserve (not fanshots, sorry).

That change alone makes this a useful change in my book and I hope that spurs you book-learned creative types to contribute more. I know things have been kind of quiet, what with the, uh, slower than normal season schedule and all (thanks, Gary!), but the lockout won't last forever (don't get any ideas, Gary).

You can get a list of all the changes here and that also is a great place to post constructive feedback about the layout of SBNU. Please don't go over there just to be a douchebag - the support folks reading the comment folks really do work very hard to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.