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Number 59: Who Wore it Best?

Marc Piscotty

The series is closing out this week. Today we have our last number in the 50s - 59 if you are mathematically challenged. 4 players have worn it...but for how long? Read on.

Dave Karpa: Dave Karpa was taken in the 4th round of the 1991 Big Baby draft and made his debut just a few months later (March of 1992). For his first 3 years in Quebec, he wore #59 - 76 games, 18 points, 175 PiMs. In 1995 - the first lockout - Karpa changed to #15. Had he the benefit of being able to read this series back then, he would have known that the team pretty much traded everyone who changed their jersey number. Sure enough, after 2 games in #15, he was traded to the Ducks for a 4th round pick.

Brian White: B-Why was originally drafted by the Lightning in the 11th round of the 1994 draft but didn't sign with Tampa. After a 4-year collegiate career, the defenseman signed with the Avalanche in 1998 and played 2 games with the Avs (depicted here showing the short-lived and unsuccessful "tiny diamond" penalty kill formation). That was it for his NHL taste - he spent several more years in the AHL as well as a season in Finland and Germany.

Philippe Dupuis: Dupuis was drafted by Columbus in the 4th round of the 2003 draft. After a few seasons in the Q and a couple of seasons in the AHL, Dupuis was traded in 2008 to the Avs along with Darcy Campbell for Mark Rycroft. He played 8 games for the Avs that year wearing #59. The following season he switched to #11. He left the Avs in 2011 and currently is in the Penguins' system - but he has not yet played with the other P Dupuis from the same town that he's not related to.

Brandon Yip - Yip was drafted in the 8th round of the 2004 draft, probably because he went to BC. (okay, that's not fair). Wearing #59, Yip played 32 games as a rookie in 2009, scoring 19 points. That would prove to be his best Avalanche season. The following year he scored just 22 points in 72 games and was a -22. Last year, he went scoreless in 10 games with the Avs before being waived. Nashville claimed him and the rest is the rest.